I was expecting to find some type of unpaid bill, but come on man, this one doesn’t even have any real basis!

Tat Wza

So back in Jan Drake commissioned a chain with a platinum owl as the piece, and PAID them almost $50K($49,204). Now the jeweler called Baden Baden Inc. are upset Drake took the owl piece design and made gold knock off’s for his crew, and are saying it’s ‘copyright infringement’, The jewelry company is asking for demanding unspecified damages, and asking the court to force Drake to hand over the owl copies -_-
How can it be copyright infringement when it’s the same design as his logo that he’s been using it for over 2 years?! AND he brought that to you to design and PAID you!!! Listen I’m not a super Drizzy fan like I have to defend him, I just appreciate his music and know this is some leech biz.