BX Cab Driver Escapes Gunman

A Bronx cab driver, Aneudys Lendof, thought his life was over when he was kidnapped at gun point and taken to Albany in his own trunk! The gunman, Robert Mizzell, walked into DAT Car Service in the Bronx on Thursday morning for a cab to 145th street in Harlem. Lendof initially says the passenger seemed normal until he demanded, “you’re taking me to Albany.” When the cab driver turned around to respond, a .38 caliber was pointed in his face. To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Aneudys managed to keep his cool, heading north on the Saw Mill, until he was forced to pull over at a Tarrytown parking lot and get in his vehicle’s trunk. After 5 minutes, the cabbie managed to pop the trunk’s lock and jumped out of his own trunk down a hill. Amazingly he only had to undergo surgery for a broken foot. Police managed to arrest Mizzell in Tarrytown shortly after Lendof was found.