(Video) Kidnapped Woman Found In The Trunk Of A Vehicle During Car Search

This is crazy. In a recent video, we see a vehicle being stopped by police in Brazil. Its hard to understand what the police are saying due to them speaking a different language but we do see them working to get the trunk of a car open.

(Video) New Type Of Crazy: A Woman Hides In Her Boyfriend’s Trunk To Catch Him Cheating

This girl has taken crazy to a whole new level. In order to catch him cheating , she hides in his trunk. Im not sure I would go to this extent just to catch my man cheating. If you have to do all that, you might as well not be together.

(Photos) More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk

New York police found 24 year old Jordan Johnson in the Bronx by Woodlawn Cemetery inside the trunk of his BMW following an elaborate assault, ruse, and robbery last month. Now there’s More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk as Johnson’s girlfriend (who was also tricked in the ruse) and family continue to grieve, and the dots of the murder continue to be connected.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Cops Rescue Kidnap Victim From Trunk Of A Car

I know we don’t trust our perspective PD’s but in an instance like this, we must applaud them, cause if this was you in that trunk, you’d be one grateful mofo!!

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel: Bronx Cabbie Jumps From Moving Care To Escape Gunman!!

A Bronx cab driver, Aneudys Lendof, thought his life was over when he was kidnapped at gun point and taken to Albany in his own trunk! The gunman, Robert Mizzell, walked into DAT Car Service in the Bronx on Thursday morning for a cab to 145th street in Harlem. Lendof initially says the passenger seemed normal until he demanded, “you’re taking me to Albany.” When the cab driver turned around to respond, a .38 caliber was pointed in his face. To read more, click below.

So Sad. Two-Year-Old Found Dead In Trunk

Isaiah Theis, 2, went missing on Tuesday night. Over 2,450 volunteers helped search for the young toddler. He was later found dead inside of a trunk of a nearby car late Wednesday.

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