More Arrests for NJ Man Found Killed in Trunk

New York police found 24 year old Jordan Johnson in the Bronx by Woodlawn Cemetery inside the trunk of his BMW following an elaborate assault, ruse, and robbery last month. Now there’s More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk as Johnson’s girlfriend (who was also tricked in the ruse) and family continue to grieve, and the dots of the murder continue to be connected.

More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk as a second man, Robert Martinez age 26 from Worcester, Massachusetts has been charged with felony for murder. Though he was being held at the Worcester County House of Corrections on robbery and burglary charges, detectives found he “was not truthful in his account” during questioning and was pending extradition back to the New Jersey system. Three more, Courtney Evelyn age 30, Dyrol Evelyn age 25, and Diana Escotto age 24 await conviction and are charged with “hindering apprehension of another.” This follows the arrest and conviction of Andre Thompson age 25, who was arrested in Maryland the same day Martinez was questioned.

Exactly what happened to lead to More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk? You can already tell from the number of different locations already mentioned, the situation was and is not simple. But unlike the tale of the Notorious BIG’s Warning, this “intricate plot” to stick Johnson and his girlfriend’s Carriage House high-rise home in Fort Lee has left him dead and the string of his killers under investigation.

Prosecutor John L. Molinelli describes the incident beginning with the lure of Johnson by Martinez and Thompson to his alternate apartment in New Jersey:

“The victim was subsequently assaulted, relieved of his phone, keys and vehicle and ultimately killed,” Molinelli said. Johnson’s phone was used to text message his live-in girlfriend, Megan Faulkner, in a ruse to make her think Johnson wanted to meet in New York City, Molinelli added.

On January 24th Johnson’s girlfriend eventually returned to find their home ‘ransacked,’ his body being found the next day. As there are More Arrests in Killing of Fort Lee, NJ Man Found in Trunk, the autopsy concludes Johnson died ultimately from “compression to the neck.” (Damn, too crazy). Check the gallery for more, details still developing.


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