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The global Citizen festival in Central Park was in full swing today as its solemn goal and purpose was to raise awareness on its mission to end extreme poverty world wide! The festival brought out 60,000 to the beautiful Central Park and who happened to be one of the highlights of the festival? None other than New York’s very own Alicia Keys! Hit the jump for more!

Adriela Batista

As the global Citizen Festival took over Central Park many stars were present to voice their opinions on social travesties hitting countries around the world. Stars such as Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara, Gerard Butler, Debra Messing and Brooke Shields were in attendance and thats without mentioning the performers!

Stevie Wonder took some time to voice his opinion on the ongoing issue of gun control before performing, stating: “We must do something about the gun laws in this country,” he declared, noting that John Lennon had died at the hands of a gunman years ago.

The legend Stevie Wonder closed the stage as acts John Mayer, Alicia Keys Southern rock band Kings of Leon, and a brief medley of Elvis Costello performed before him.

Many concert goers earned their way into the concert as the concert’s website allows a method in which people can register to the site and earn points by: “by completing an array of awareness-building tasks. Repeatedly during the five-and-a-half-hour concert there were reminders of its core objective, through testimonials, short videos and shrewd deployments of celebrity.”

The main attraction of the festival was none other than the beautiful New Yorker herself Alicia Keys, who performed to the packed crowd before later making her appearance at the grand opening of TAO Downtown, NYC. She took pics with hubby Swizz Beats and they both looked outstanding as always!


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