A group of desperate Jewish wives in New York ran to their Rabbis to assist them with their marital woes. However, in the Jewish (Orthodox) religion, you need the husband’s approval in order to undergo a divorce. 68-year-old Rabbi Mendel Epstein of Brooklyn was one of the many arrested in running an underground scheme that charged distressed Jewish women $70K-$100K to kidnap and brutally torture their husbands into agreeing for a Jewish divorce better known as a “get.”


After the FBI gained wind of Epstein’s scam, they sent an undercover federal agent to pose as a Jewish woman seeking help with her marriage. She was told by the corrupt Rabbi that it would run her $10,000 for the rabbinical court to approve the forced “get” in addition to another $60,000 to pay for the “tough guys” needed to rough her husband up.

The crew apparently uses “karate skills on the victims to facilitate the divorces,” along with handcuffs and placing of plastic bags over the husbands’ heads, according to official court documents.

A victim even came out and confirmed the horrific treatment he underwent by Epstein and Co. “They forced it (the get) on me. They busted my fingers, busted my ribs. They kept me handcuffed,” said the Brooklyn man, who only revealed his name as “Mr. Goldstein.”

Annnnnnnnnnd my people take another L.. SMH!