Ooh, this is crazy! Drake announced his “Would You Like A Tour?” tour earlier this summer, with opening acts Miguel and Future. Back in 2011, Future and Drake had a little bit of tension, after Future couldn’t get Drizzy to appear in the video for “Tony Montana,” despite the fact Drake had hopped on the remix. The two later made amends though, and have since collaborated on other songs and videos, leading to having Future on this tour. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well any longer! Details below.

Marisa Mendez

Earlier this month, Future did an interview with Erika Ramirez of Billboard to discuss his forthcoming album, Honest. In the interview, he compared the project to Drake’s Nothing Was The Same…and didn’t exactly say positive stuff. Now, why would you say ANYTHING even remotely negative about someone you’re about to tour with? I understand the whole wanting to keep it real thing, but there’s a difference between “lying” and just not saying anything at all. He could have done the latter. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

“Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn’t grab you,” Future said in the interview. “They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do. I want to make you want to fall in love.”

After the interview was published, Future quickly backtracked with a tweet, writing, “Respect to Billboard, disappointed on being misquoted..always love for my fam Drizzy Drake,” but the damage was already done. According to Page Six, Drake was so mad, he immediately demanded Future be dropped from the tour. “He told his agent either Future gets fired, or he’ll fire him,” was the quote from a source close to him.

So, Future was let go, but then the following week, they started negotiations to bring him back, just for less money. This past weekend now, it was Future who actually ended up backing out, after Drake’s camp demanded he make financial concessions. “Future, who was set to earn about $40,000 per gig, is set to file a lawsuit this week against Drake for lost wages, or about $1.5 million,” Page Six reports.

Now as far as a replacement, word on the street is that everyone’s favorite up-and-comer Jhene Aiko will be replacing him! That would be a dope addition!

I bet Future is regretting passing on Lil Wayne’s tour now!