Marrisa Alexander , the Florida woman who stood trial and was convicted of, shooting at her husband, Rico Gray, Sr. Alexander fired two “warning shots” and was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. The case was compared to that of, George Zimmerman, who had actually shot and killed the victim.
As of late Wednesday night, Alexander was released from prison on bond. The mother of two was granted a new trial due to incorrect jury instructions. For now, the woman will remain on house arrest.
The prosecution is working hard bt changing that. Check out the statement after the jump.

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“The State Attorney’s Office made all statements regarding its position on bond in its written response dated November 13, 2013. The SAO will continue to seek justice for our two child victims and their father who were endangered by the shot the defendant fired at them. Any further comments regarding the prosecution of this defendant will be made in the proper venue – the courtroom.”

Jackelyn Barnard
State Attorney’s Office