After a brutal and vicious fight video hit the internet, ‘Sharkeisha’ has been in every meme, tweet, and IG post on the net. The attacker took to her Twitter page and had a few tacky and straight up ratchet things to say regarding the police, her next victim, and more. She even hints at there being a “part two” of the horrific attack caught on camera. Take a visit to the gallery and see what Sharkeisha had to say in her out-of-control Twitter rant.


It’s clear that ‘Sharkeisha’ just lacks common sense, sympathy, and compassion for anyone else from her twitter page, but I blame technology for making these “fight videos” so popular. When I was in high school, EVERY fight was somehow recorded and sent around for everybody to see. Now-a-days, the videos don’t just get sent around in text messages, they get posted on popular blog sites for millions of viewers to see. These people are gaining fame for acting out and behaving like animals. Sharkeisha has 34,000 followers on Twitter in just a few days since the video went viral, but WHY?! When will the madness stop?