IFWT_F Patent Troll Email
So I got an email from CEA(Consumer Electronics Assoc) letting me know to help get the message out, let’s stop these patent trolls from killing those creative minds out there!

Tat Wza

Someone invents or creates an idea worth putting a patent on and it helps make the world a better place, so they do! Then with that idea in the world someone else wants to create something that goes with that 1st idea with the patent, so they create it, and what happens, the person that creates the 1st thing isn’t stressing, but another person or company is stressing for that 2nd to pay a license fee in order to put their idea out to the world, which stops people from getting the world changing ideas out there. Thaty Person or company are known as “Patent Trolls“. As these trolls have seen a lucrative rise in biz, they have been getting so bad, Innovation has slowed down big time :-/

Well CEA has made it simple, letting you know how to contact your congressman/woman via text, text the word “TROLLS” to 52886

Act Now: Tell the House to #ClubtheTrolls and Pass the Innovation Act of 2013

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