FOH!  What in the world in R. Kelly talking about?!  Can somebody please go & check on this guy???  He may have had a tad too much.  SMH.  I know he was trying to make a point, but this was a horrible comparison.
While I have lots of love for Chris Brown, you can NOT compare him (or Kells) to the things Muhammad Ali & Martin Luther King Jr. have done & accomplished — oh and let’s not forget JESUS.  Huh?! Nah famo.
Check out his quote & let us know what you think…



Via Guardian

When he watched Chris Brown become the centre of his own scandals – which began with his assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 – Kelly says he could empathise but that he never felt sorry for him. “I only feel sorry for weak people,” he says. “And mostly what I’ve come to find is that the weak people are the ones that are the haters. The ones that’s talking about Chris Brown, or R Kelly, or anybody that’s successful? I feel sorry for them, not Chris Brown, because he’s obviously one strong individual to be able to do what he’s done. He got knocked down a little bit and he climbed up. You know, that sounds like Ali to me. That sounds like Martin Luther King to me. That sounds like a lot of the greats that have walked this earth. It even sounds a little bit like Jesus to me.”

He catches my eyes widening and clarifies: “I’m not saying that Chris Brown is Jesus or R Kelly is Jesus. But Jesus is the No 1 inspirer of someone being knocked down and rising again.”


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