IFWT Jabari Parker

It seems like deja vu as I’m sure everyone remembers the Lebron v. Carmelo debates.  Now we have a new age of stars with Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins and Duke’s Jabari Parker.  While Wiggins has garnered comparisons to Lebron for some time now, Parker is now getting comparisons to Carmelo.  Any player would love to be compared to two-time champion and arguably the best player in the league Lebron James but how does Parker feel about being compared to the often criticized Carmelo Anthony?

Shay Marie

“Yeah, it’s a good comparison,” Parker said after going for 23 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists as Duke beat UCLA, 80-63, in front of a capacity crowd that included Bruce Springsteen, Tyson Chandler and Tim Hardaway Jr.
“He mastered the fundamentals. He’s always good at his craft. He works on it and that’s a person I’ve been looking up to, so yeah, that’s good compliment.”

UCLA’s coach Steve Alford also made the Anthony comparison without being prompted.

“I know we’re in New York City, but there’s a lot of Melo in him as far as guy that can stretch you to the 3-point line,” Alford said. “He can drive the basketball. He creates space off the dribble to get jump shots. He can take you to the post, so I just think he’s a very, very talented, gifted player. And you don’t see a lot who are this polished 10, 11 games into their freshman year.”