jet li battling health issues

50 year old Jet Li is being treated for an overactive thyroid in China. The actor joked that he is gaining weight due to the medication, but is determined to fight the health issue head on. To read more, click below.

Scarlet Santana

Jet Li was diagnosed with his condition in 2010. An overactive thyroid causes changes in the person’s metabolism and heart rate, but can be controlled with treatment. Doctors advised Li not to exercise with the medication he is taking, but the martial arts legend is maintaining a positive attitude. Here is what Jet Li had to say:

“I’m just a regular guy, I’m not Wong Fei Hung, I’m not Huo Yuan Jia (kung fu heroes he portrays on film), I’m not a hero. I’m just like you. I’m in pain, but I’m not suffering. I’m happy.”

We wish Jet Li a speedy recovery! God bless!