IFWT Luol Deng

With the Chicago Bulls losing their star point guard Derrick Rose for the season again, the team is expected to go into rebuilding mode.  That means they’ll likely get rid of some of their key pieces including Luol Deng.  The Bulls recently said they had no intentions on trading him but according to several people in the league their asking price is reportedly pretty high and teams are weary of going all in for a player with an expiring contract.

Shay Marie

Luol Deng is a wanted man. No, certainly not by law enforcement and not even so much on the NBA’s trade market, as many teams are hesitant to take him on as a half-season rental, especially if the Bulls’ price is a productive young player and a first-round draft pick, as people in the know around the league continue to say. His upcoming status has resulted in the likes of the Cavaliers, Mavericks, Lakers, Raptors, Spurs,Grizzlies and Nets, among others, already expressing interest in Deng, according to league sources.

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