This story deserves to be made into a movie or –at the very least– a TV series. Aubrey Lee Price is a former banker who was presumed dead after he allegedly faked his own suicide. The married father of four was previously indicted for a bank fraud costing over $21 million. Since his “death” his wife, Rebekah, had to deal with the “loss” of her husband, before explaining to their four children what had happened to him. While she was dealing with that major dilemma, he was living in Georgia, surviving off of his very own Marijuana farm.

$21 Million is a lot! But still, with four children and a wife…

Officials found Mr. Price during a routine traffic stop. He was held because the tints on his windows were too dark. Once apprehended, the FBI was alerted by Georgia officials that one of their most wanted (White Collar) criminals had now been caught.

Not only did his family have to deal with his “death,” they were also the recipients of much hate from the collective group that was swindled out of millions of dollars.

According to Daily Mail, “Mrs. Price did not benefit from his life insurance, but instead had to scratch a living to provide for her children, aged from around ten to 20 years old. But she was surviving. She was doing it and the worst was behind her.”

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Jamaal Fisher