We learned back in September that Kobe Bryant’s customized ’63 Chevy Lowrider was back on the auction block (see pics HERE)  and yes it finally sold.  What did it sell for?!  Let’s just say whoever bought it got one hell of a deal.  I mean, it was Kobe’s car!
Check it out…



Via TMZ:

Kobe Bryant’s old pimped out Chevy Impala just got ROCKED at a major car auction in Arizona … selling for BARELY HALF of what the owners were hoping to pull in.

Kobe got rid of the car back in 2013 … and the new owners have been spending the past several months trying to unload it for somewhere in the $100k range.

After it failed to sell on an Internet auction site, the owners decided to take it to the legendary Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ … and it finally hit the auction block this weekend.

Problem is, the owners didn’t get the 6-figure payday they were expecting … they got WAYYYY less — we’re talking $53,900 … barely half of what they wanted.