Allegedly on a heroine binge for 6 weeks, up until his untimely death, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman told friends that he was destined to OD and die. Well, now we have images of the heroin brand used by Hoffman, responsible for just that. Check it out after the jump.

According to TMZ, Several bags of heroin found in the actor’s apartment were potentially lethal. Their source: a woman that has almost died from the brand. The name of the heroin is “Ace Of Hearts.”

The woman told the reporter:

She injected herself with a “tiny bit” of “Ace of Hearts” back in Sept., and says she stopped breathing almost instantly. She was revived with CPR and landed in the hospital.

The woman says when she got out of the hospital she went to cops and told them about what she called a lethal strain of heroin going around NYC.

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Jamaal Fisher