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Richard Sherman has been doing his media rounds since winning the Super Bowl Sunday night and he revealed something that Peyton Manning did after the game.  That Peyton Manning — what a classy move.  I can’t help to like this guy for reasons like this.  Check it out…



Via YahooSports:

What’s Peyton Manning’s legacy? At worst, he’s one of the classiest players of this or any other NFL generation.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was part of a defense that absolutely dismantled Manning and the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, and yet Sherman said on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show (via Pro Football Talk) on Monday morning that Manning sought out Sherman after the game to ask about his injured ankle.

“He was really concerned about my well-being,” Sherman said. “After a game like that, a guy who’s still classy enough to say ‘How are you doing?’  To show that kind of concern for an opponent shows a lot of humility and class.”

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