IFWT_F-iridium-go-Satellite hotspot
I have like 2 Hotspot, My clear for work, cause it works great there and is unlimited, and a Verizon MiFi for trying to catch a signal every where else. BUT if I had a Sat-Fi, that could get a signal ANYWHERE in the world, sign me up!!

Tat Wza

Not the 1st, but the newest and maybe the most advanced Satellite hotspot, Iridium Go, with Apps for iOS and Android(with an open developer kit for other platforms), and will allow 5 devices to connect for texts, emails, surf the web, even make calls(a little VoIP??) not to mention a SOS mode incase you get in trouble out in the woods!!
Now pricing could be an issue for some, no official word on exact pricing, but the company promises lowest to the market…the current lowest is $800, so it will be lower than that, AND that’s just to but the device, def no word on monthly pricing 0_0