Sara Krueger, 23, and her boyfriend Ryan Scott Warner, 26, are being charged in the murder of their 3 year old daughter Kayleigh Slusher. The child was found by police last week, dead in her mom’s bed. She was beaten to death, put into a suitcase and stored in the freezer for THREE days last week. Kayleigh died by blunt force, but there was also evidence of sexual assault. Now that’s disturbing. Check out the pictures of the young angel and her murderers above.

Jayyiah Coles

Neighbors told police that they witnessed Sara and her boyfriend leave the apartment with luggage, but saw no sign of Kayleigh. After police performed a thorough search for the couple in the surrounding areas, a patron tipped off police after recognizing them together in an out-of-town restaurant.

After their arrest, the couple originally told Napa police that they had found Kayleigh dead in their apartment, but had no idea how she died. Later, both Sara and Ryan caved to police and admitted that they were responsible for Kayleigh’s horrific and untimely death.

Krueger and Warner were charged with murder and felony assault on a child, causing death on Tuesday. Neither charge includes special circumstances. Sara and Ryan are currently being held without bail and will return to court on February 25th. Prosecutors are waiting for one key piece of information before considering the death penalty.

I think it’s time to focus more on mental illness. There are truly some sick people out there… R.I.P. Kayleigh Slusher