(Video) OMG! Mom Finds Girl Giving Her Son Fellatio & Puts Everyone On Blast!

Photo Credit: YouTube A mom stepped out for mere moments, and returned home to find out her teenage son was throwing a little gathering in their home in the projects of NYC – and it included a young woman performing oral sex on him. Yikes! What goes on from that moment is nothing but comedy. Mama puts them ALL on FULL blast! Check out the video below.

An LA Frat Is Out Of $13,500 After Wiring Money To Fake Promoter To Book Tyga

An LA chapter of fraternity Delta Tau Delta are currently down $13,500, after they wired cash to someone claiming to be Tyga’s booking agent. Let’s talk about how their first mistake here was trying to book Tyga… Scott Slomann says he the incident happened back in February, when he thought he was booking T-Raww to perform at their frat party in LA. Of course, the rapper was a no-show, and Slomann asked for a refund, the “booking agent” was nowhere to be found.

(Video) Trick Daddy Became A Trending Topic After Spitting Into His Own Camera

Yesterday, you may have seen Trick Daddy’s name floating all over social media and thought to yourself – is this 2001? No, he’s just out here acting crazy. A video from his own phone went viral yesterday morning, showing the Miami rapper cursing, screaming and eventually even spitting at the phone. He appears to be talking to a woman, but there aren’t any further details about it. He’s said to be in the upcoming season of Love & Hip-Hop Miami, though…so maybe this is all promo for it? Hmm!

(Video) SMH! Shots Fired During A Cemetery Brawl On Mother’s Day!

Oh man gotta love Mother’s Day…except for this incident where it almost turned fatal after a brawl broke out on cemetery grounds during a visit to a loved one(s). Hit the jump for the video.

(Video) SMH: 3-Year Old Hospitalized After Eating A Bag Of Crack!

Dam…this Philadelphia toddler was in daycare when the daycare worker saw a little girl chewing on something that wasn’t exactly food…crack cocaine. Hit the jump to read the full story.

Damn! Lil Mama Arrested For Driving Without A License

Lil Mama was arrested in her hometown of Harlem this morning, after cops discovered that she had no license when they pulled her over for going 10 miles over the speed limit at 4am. When officers ran her info, they discovered her license had been revoked and took her into custody. Not the worst offense, but she might want to get that taken care of upon her release!

Former Hot Boys Rapper Turk Launches A GoFundMe For $5 Million; Then Deletes It

Over the weekend, former Hot Boys rapper Turk launched a GoFundMe campaign, in an effort to raise a whopping $5 million. “Without going in details for those who know me know that I am a very good husband and a caring father to my son and twins. Today I come to you for help because I am in a 5 million dollar debt and it’s getting hard trying to pay it off on top of everything else,” the page read. Turk was accused of shooting a cop and did a significant amount of jail time for it, and it looks like he’s having trouble getting on his feet now that he’s free. “There is no secret stash. This isn’t a conspiracy theory,” Turk wrote on Instagram, when people began questioning why he needed the money. “This is what happens when a man faces his actions, does his time and returns home to live free. The debt to society has been paid. The restitution has been paid. Now you want to go for broke and take from a man what he doesn’t have.” $550 had been raised as of this morning, but the campaign and all related Instagram posts have now been removed. Hmm – too much backlash? Let us know what you think it was!

SMH: Company Confuses Whoopi For Oprah On Twitter; Oprah Reacts

Someone was probably fired from Total Beauty last night, after a horrible mix-up during their Oscars coverage on Twitter has cost them a ton of backlash! “We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it. #Oscars,” they wrote – with a photo of Whoopi Goldberg on the red carpet. Good job, guys. Of course, they were immediately called out on their mistake, and they quickly deleted the tweet, and have since offered up the following apology:

“We’d like to apologize to Oprah and Whoopi, as well as everyone we’ve offended. It was our error, and there are no excuses. We’re sorry. Using this #Oscars #SNAFU as an opportunity to donate $10k to @whoopigoldberg & @oprah’s charity of choice. #ThatsNotOprah #WeMeanIt.”

Hit the gallery for Oprah’s reaction, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Kanye West’s Team Is Shutting Down YouTube Accounts That Have Any Footage Of Him Performing – New or Old!

Kanye West is having a weird time. In between SNL meltdowns, Twitter rants and his album being bootlegged at a rapid rate, he’s now having his team remove entire YouTube accounts over perfectly legal performance footage from years past – some dating back as far as 8 years ago! The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has been going hard in their take-down efforts, and those affected include notable names in the blogging industry, including Miss Info, Nigel D. and Chicago’s own FakeShoreDrive. While some are only having specific videos be removed, other accounts have gotten deleted entirely, causing them to lose years worth of valuable footage. Could it be Ye specifically? TIDAL? Hmm! Hopefully this gets resolved soon! Check out tweets from a few of those affected in the gallery.

WOW: Pastor Sues $188 Million Powerball Winner For $10 Million Over “Verbal Agreement”

Looks like this church is going to have one less attendee! Well, likely a lot less attendees after they hear this story of how shady their pastor is…. Marie Holmes won the Powerball last year – you know, the woman who keeps bailing her ain’t ish man out of jail with her winnings? Well, now her ain’t ish pastor has filed a $10 million lawsuit against her, saying he is “experiencing emotional and mental distress,” because she didn’t fufill her end of their “verbal contract” to spend $1.5 million to purchase land to build a retreat facility. “Because of the emotional distress and mental stress, they put me through, I had to start taking more medicine for anxiety and depression due to this situation,” says Pastor Kevin Matthews.

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