Robin Thicke & Paula Patton

Robin Thicke was in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon and he’s finally opened up about the separation. He even made it clear that he’s not throwing in the towel on his marriage. He claims, “I’m just trying to get her back.” Paula Patton called him last Friday saying that it was finally over so Robin stopped what he was doing, flew to Canada (where she was filming) where he was extremely desperate but failed attempt to stop her from ending the relationship. Things really fell apart after Robin simulated sex with Miley Cyrus onstage at the VMAs last month. But Robin claims, the performance had nothing to do with his marital problems. Robin is in D.C. for a concert Thursday night. He says his “performance will be the same, even though some of his songs are about Paula.” So sad. Maybe this girl can console him! And even Paula has a lot of offers! See what he says about his attempt to get her back below!

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