5 Arrested After Shots Fired At DC Police

Five people were arrested this morning after opening fire on several police officers in Washington DC. How ironic this happens right near Martin Luther King Elementary School…smh.

(Video) Million Man March 20th Anniversary “Justice Or Else” #BlackLivesMatter

Today Louis Farrakhan leads the nation as the head speaker in the 20th Anniversary of The Million Man March in Washington D.C. The Nation of Islam leader plans to lead this demand for change the same way he handled the original March 20 years ago. Today in 2015 he calls it the “Justice or Else” March.

(Video) Fetty Wap Did NOT Get Jumped Last Night In A DC Night Club, As Allegedly Reported

Fetty Wap Was Jumped Last Night In A DC Night Club, Allegedly! Hop into the post from the footage from the night. You tell us if you think this is Fetty Wap or not getting jumped in a DC Night Club! #IFWT!

Suspect In Killing Of Wealthy DC Family Arrested

The suspect for the quadruple murder of a wealthy Washington D.C. family was arrested in D.C. Thursday night after a manhunt that went from D.C. to Brooklyn, N.Y. and back. Daron Dylon Wint, 34, was nabbed in D.C. around 11 p.m., according to CNN.

(Video) Washington DC: Moms March For Justice Against Police Brutality

Today in Washington a huge group of mothers marched their way to the U.S Capital in efforts to demand change across the nation for all police departments to abide by the same rules and regulations and to most importantly put an end to police brutality. Most of these women have endured their children being injured or killed by police. Maria Hamilton, whose son was killed by a Milwaukee officer last year organized this march in which they are calling “Million Moms March Against Police Brutality”. And these moms want justice! “Hold these police officers accountable for killing our children. There is no accountability in none of these police departments.”- Maria Hamilton Tune in to watch the video and find out more after the jump!

Update: (Photo)Charles Gladden Works At The U.S. Capitol But He’s Homeless! Boyz II Member Helps Out!

Update: So, Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men either heard or read about Charles Gladden’s dilemma which we previously covered here on #IFWT; and helped him out by starting a “Go Fund Me” account to raise $20,000! Morris even put the first $10,000 in with a donation from Boyz II Men House. The 63 year old man was working full time at the U.S. Capitol for 8 years but he was still homeless, and had 3 toes amputated due to his diabetes. The Boyz II Men co-founder said he was touched by the man’s story. The original story can be read below. Original: Charles Gladden is a 63 year old man who sleeps on a sidewalk next to D.C.’s McPherson Square Metro Station. Unlike most homeless people, he actually has a job; and of all places, it’s at the U.S. Capital building! Ok, he only works in the cafeteria, but you’d still think he’d make enough to have a dwelling of his own! According to Gladden, he makes $11 an hour, which isn’t enough for him to take care of his children, grandchildren and himself. It’s hard out here in these streets!

(Photo) Which States Just Legalized Marijuana?!

Voters in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C took to the polls and are now in the process of bringing more pro marijuana laws to their state. There are some restrictions, but marijuana supporters are calling this a victory.

(Video) Heartbreaking: Robin Thicke Speaks Up About Paula Patton, Admitting How He Feels About The Divorce

Robin Thicke was in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon and he’s finally opened up about the separation. He even made it clear that he’s not throwing in the towel on his marriage. He claims, “I’m just trying to get her back.” Paula Patton called him last Friday saying that it was finally over so Robin stopped what he was doing, flew to Canada (where she was filming) where he was extremely desperate but failed attempt to stop her from ending the relationship. Things really fell apart after Robin simulated sex with Miley Cyrus onstage at the VMAs last month. But Robin claims, the performance had nothing to do with his marital problems. Robin is in D.C. for a concert Thursday night. He says his “performance will be the same, even though some of his songs are about Paula.” So sad. Maybe this girl can console him! And even Paula has a lot of offers! See what he says about his attempt to get her back below!

(Video) Ratchet Alert: Wild Hoodrat With “Boss” Chest Tattoo Attacks News Crew With Pepper Spray!

A news team was doing a report on a home evasion in Washington, D.C. when they were viciously attacked by a hoodrat with a “BOSS” tattoo across her chest, a grill in her mouth, and cheetah tats all over her arm (real classy chick we’re dealing with here). She came out of her apartment cursing and yelling “Byeeee Byeeee Byeee” while pepper spraying the reporters. Check out the footage of the craziness below.

(Video) Man In Wheelchair Rolls Off Train Platform Onto Tracks!!!

This could be such a deadly mistake! A man with a motorized wheelchair approached the platform edge to check if the train was coming and rolled over the edge in a station in Washington DC. Check out what happens in the video after the jump.

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