Prosecutors tend to like high profile cases and a former NFL player turned analyst accused of multiple rapes certainly fits the bill.  Sharper was initially arrested for two rapes in Los Angeles before several other cases came to light.  One case that happened prior was in New Orleans and was under investigation.  Now they’ve secured an arrest warrant for Sharper and are anxious to get him to Louisiana but how is the interesting part.

Shay Marie

Sharper is currently jailed in downtown L.A.  His lawyers were trying to get him released on Friday but New Orleans prosecutors objected; they don’t want him released they want marshals to go to L.A and haul Sharper back as a prisoner.

Now that would make sense if they were worried about Sharper fleeing but according to TMZ Sports Sharper has agreed to fly back to New Orleans and face the charges.  It makes sense, because he’s already on $1 million bail in L.A. for 2 unrelated rape charges.  The judge could easily add a condition to his bail that he fly to New Orleans and return.

So why is New Orleans so crazed about making Sharper a spectacle?  We’re told all 5 of the jurisdictions which are investigating Sharper are all jockeying for first position.  They all want to be the first to prosecute him, and there’s already fighting between the agencies.