Umm so in just plain strange news, 31 year old unknown man, Brandon Howard comes forward randomly claiming to be the son of deceased Pop icon, Michael Jackson…and allegedly has the “receipts” to prove it. According to Splash news, Howard is set to go forward today to reveal DNA results to the public. Hmmm… before we write this guy off as being bat sh*t crazy, let’s examine the facts….

Howard is the son of singer Miki Howard, who back in the 1980’s was represented by none other than ‘No-Nonsense Havin’ Papa Joe Jackson’. Supposedly, Jackson and Howard got to ‘know one another’ in the biblical sense, which resulted in the birth of a love child born in 1982.

Are we buying this, or should we hit Brandon Howard with the ‘Bye Felicia’?? Is Michael the pappy?

*See Gallery For A Comparison Of Him And Mike*

Andrea G