NFL: Patriot WR Julian Edelman’s Got Possible Baby Momma Drama

Allegedly Edelman has been off and on (which translates to regular booty calls) with Swedish model Ella Rose…who just happens to be 5 months pregnant. Guess who she claims her baby-daddy is? Yup!!

(Video) Man Who Claims Jay-Z Is His Father Speaks Out Again!

It looks like this story just won’t go away for the Hov and from the outside looking in, it does seem like the man claiming Jay-Z is his father, simply wants money more than an actual relationship. Rymir Satterhwaite recently sat in an interview where he described his frustrations toward Hov!

Court Judge Ruled New Jersey Twins Have Two Different Fathers

A court judge ruled that New Jersey twins have two different fathers. Read more on the story after the jump!

(Photos) Grown A** 31 Year Old Man Claiming To Be Love Child Of Which Iconic Pop Legend??

Umm so in just plain strange news, 31 year old unknown man, Brandon Howard comes forward randomly claiming to be the son of deceased Pop icon, Michael Jackson…and allegedly has the “receipts” to prove it. According to Splash news, Howard is set to go forward today to reveal DNA results to the public. Hmmm… before we write this guy off as being bat sh*t crazy, let’s examine the facts….

Stop Playing! Texas Woman Gives Birth To Twins, With Two Different Daddies!!!!

Although it wasn’t apart of the plan, A woman from Texas gave birth a year ago to twins who have TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS! How? Mia Washington who at the time was 20 years old, admitted she slept with another guy outside of her relationship. After giving birth to the boys, 44 year old partner James Harrison grew suspicious about the boys (Justin and Jordan) looking “too different.” Shortly after a paternity test was taken.

NBA: Michael Jordan’s Alleged Baby Mother Tells the Real Reason She Dropped the Paternity Suit

This story nor Michael Jordan’s alleged baby mother want to go away.  Pamela Smith recently dropped the paternity suit against Jordan without giving a specific reason but leading many to believe that Jordan was in fact not the father.  Jordan fired back with a lawsuit of his own, wanting to Smith to cover his legal fees occurred during the back and forth.  Smith has come back to clear the air.  Read more after the jump.

NBA: Did He Pay Her?! Michael Jordan’s Spokeswoman Speaks On Dropped Paternity Lawsuit!

Yesterday news broke that the woman (Pamela Smith) suing Michael Jordan for paternity and child support dropped her lawsuit against him. Many assumed that he is going to pay her off to make the case go away. Well MJ’s spokeswoman did comment on the case and if any money was exchanged. Check out what she has to say…

Uh Oh! Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Boyfriend Says Wyclef Is LYING & Trying To Make Money Off Of Lauryn!

Well, here comes the drama! A few days ago we reported that Wyclef admitted in his new autobiography, Purpose, that he had an affair with Lauryn. On top of that crazy news, he also reveals that Lauryn was once unsure of who the father of her child was, with the possibility of it being his! He even spoke to Hot 97 about the paternity issues. Now, Lauryn’s ex is here with the scoop & let’s just say, he isn’t happy. Find out all the details after the jump! Biz Baby

Akon Files Child Support Documents…Against Himself

Talk about stepping up to bat! Akon had two children with a woman who is NOT his wife back in ’08 and ’09, and now he wants to make sure everything is done properly so he can be contributing to their lives financially as well as physically. The singer has filed documents with a Georgia court asking for joint legal custody, along with other privileges. Details below. Kudos to ‘Kon for doing the right thing! Marisa Mendez

Justin Bieber Agrees To DNA Test To Prove He’s Not The Father

Justin Bieber has decided to take the DNA to prove that Mariah Yeater’s kid is not his. After he is cleared he plan to file a lawsuit against the Yeater. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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