_Court Judge Ruled New Jersey Twins Have Two Different Fathers

A court judge ruled that New Jersey twins have two different fathers. Read more on the story after the jump!

It is possible but very rare for a woman to give birth to twins with different fathers. A New Jersey judge named Sohail Mohammad, has ruled that a set of twins has different fathers in a paternity case. Mohammad wrote that he found two other court cases nationally with the same situation. A woman can give birth to twins with different fathers when she has sexual intercourse with two men in the same menstrual cycle, and two of her eggs are fertilized separately by each man.

The woman who is the mother of the twins sought for child-support payments from a man she thought was the father of her daughters, who were both born in January 2013. A DNA test showed that one man was the father of one twin but he wasn’t the father of the other. The mother said she had sex with both men in a span of about a week and the judge ruled in that case that the man owes $28 per week.


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