Ashanti x Lil Wayne

Back in 2010, Lil Wayne did an 8-month bid at Rikers Island in New York, serving time for a gun charge he’d gotten in NYC in 2007. During his time there, he was locked up with a guy by the name of Devar Hurd…who was imprisoned for STALKING ASHANTI! Here’s the deal on that: Devar, a Chicago native who was in his early 30’s at the time, met ‘Shan at a gig back in 2009, and acquired her momager’s number under the guise of ‘doing business.’ From there, he began sending her explicit texts and D pics, which he would later claim were for her daughter. Enough was enough after one too many texts, and Tina Douglas had him locked up for stalking, receiving a full 2 years. Want to know the crazy part? This guy applied for an internship with me! I know him! More info below.

Marisa Mendez

Back in 2012, I was looking for interns for a few projects, and had put a tweet out about it with my email address. Devar was one of the people that applied, and after reading his heart-felt email about how passionate he was about music, I had him meet me for an interview. After finding out he didn’t have a computer, I couldn’t really use him for anything, but I stayed in touch and ended up giving him my refurbished computer to help him out. Hey – the kid really seemed like he wanted to work! I gave him an opportunity but he ended up not doing too well. However, he was grateful for the opportunity, so he would always tweet me and come out to gigs I hosted. There was something SO off about him, though, so I never followed back and would answer maybe 1 out of 10 texts he’d send. The texts would be so strange, like giving me a detailed description of his day and the conversations he had with EVERYONE. Sometimes they’d be sort of flirtatious. I’d mostly ignore all of them, until one day I got so annoyed with the flood of texts that I told him to only contact me in an emergency. Undeterred, he continued to tweet me and comment on my Instagram photos – one of which was a picture of Wayne and I (in the gallery) when I went to a party of his this past summer. In the comment, he told me he knew Wayne and to tell him “Hurd from cell — (I forget the number) said what up.” I looked it like, “Yeah, aight. Tune doesn’t know you.” Turns out – he did! When I mentioned it to Wayne a couple of weeks later, boy did he know him! He told me all about how no one got along with Devar, and all the guys sharing the same common area once got in a ridiculous argument about something small, but Devar got so heated, he smashed his milk carton and Rikers staff had him moved to a new area pronto. What’s crazier? He informed me he’d heard through the grapevine Devar was locked up AGAIN for the same issue! I immediately Googled the name and sure enough – Devar had begun sending Ashanti ridiculous, sexually-explicit tweets in early 2013, and by mid-summer, was once again jailed for violating the restraining order she’d had in place. He remains behind bars as of now, March 2014.

In an interview with Yahoo Music recently to discuss her new album Braveheart, Ashanti spoke about her convo with Weezy on Devar.

“I was in the studio with Wayne in Miami,” Ashanti told Yahoo. “He was like, ‘Turn the music down. I got to tell you this. I was in the same cell as your stalker and none of us liked him.’When I found out he was messing with you, nobody was dealing with him. He’s crazy. He just kept talking about you, saying you wanted him to be with him. You wanted him to be on your music. I said to him, ‘You know that’s my sister. I can ask her if you’re lying.’”

Insane, right?! It’s a scary world, and it definitely makes me WILD uncomfortable I even knew this dude. Creep life.

Source: ME || Yahoo Music