The Melo-drama known as Carmelo Anthony’s free agency has gone back and forth as people try to figure out what he’ll do.  With the Knicks having a bad season, the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers were the top two teams in the Carmelo sweepstakes but things have changed.  The Knicks are in the midst of a 8-game winning streak as they fight for a playoff spot and they’ve brought on the Zen Master Phil Jackson as their new President.  Now many believe Anthony will re-sign with the team leaving the Chicago Bulls to find another option.

Shay Marie

Per Jon Greenberg:

Ideally, it’s Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson. In some ways, he’s a better Plan A, because he could fit in the salary slot vacated by the amnesty of Boozer. Stephenson is a rare find, a future unrestricted free agent at age 23. He doesn’t quite fit the Bulls’ archetypal player profile, and his past legal issues are troubling, but the former Brooklyn prep star would slide in nicely with this team.

The Bulls have been playing quite well despite losing their star player Derrick Rose for the second season in a row.  Under the leadership of coach Tom Thibodeau the team plays hard defense but could use additional scoring which Stephenson can provide.  Though he isn’t the typical player the Bulls would acquire it would still be good move for the team getting a young, hard worker who has seen great improvement in his game.