Kobe Bryant caught a lot of flack when an interview was released about his supposed stance on the Trayvon Martin situation.  Kobe basically said he won’t react to something or jump to the defense of someone just because they’re African American.  Many people took the comments to mean that Kobe wasn’t showing support for Trayvon, the young teen who was shot and killed while walking through his father’s neighborhood unarmed.  Yesterday Kobe took to his Twitter account to clear a few things up.

Shay Marie

Kobe reiterated that his comments were not about Trayvon and that he’s continued to support him and his family publicly.  Keith Boykin a CNBC contributor found an old Instagram post that Kobe did in support of Trayvon two days after Zimmerman was acquitted.

So what did Kobe mean by his comments?  He was simply referring to equality on all fronts.  African Americans fought to be treated equal and should continue to be treated equal even when the outcome isn’t in their favor.  He was saying he wouldn’t jump up to the defense of someone simply because they are African American but wants everyone to be treated equally and justly.