Gilbert Arenas arriving at Courthouse, Washington DC

Some may not agree with him, but I completely understand where he’s coming from — guilty or not.  Perception is reality.  While already awaiting a murder trial, Javaris was arrested for drugs in January.  Well now for his court date, he’s begging a judge not to force him to wear his jail uniform in court … so he won’t look guilty.
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Via TMZ:

The former Los Angeles Lakers player is facing murder charges in the 2010 drive-by shooting death of a Georgia woman … and he just filed court docs because he believes his wardrobe will play a KEY ROLE in the hearing.

In fact, Crittenton wants to be allowed to wear “civilian garb” — because he knows the media is interested in his case and pics of him sportin’ orange (or stripes) could paint him with a guilty brush and damage his shot at a fair trial.

Crittenton’s request isn’t as crazy as it may seem — our legal experts tell us this concern is not uncommon and sometimes the judge will grant the request.