Dirt? Pine tar? What was that substance on Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda’s hand last night during a game against the Red Sox. Pineda said it was dirt but it damn sure doesn’t look like dirt. Any illegal substance on a pitchers hand is considered automatic grounds for ejection and being suspended. Funny thing was at the end of the game, neither team acted like it was a big deal. Hit the jump.


Pineda pitched well for the Yanks, but did he have help? When Pine Tar gets on the ball, it can sometimes affect how it comes off the bat of a hitter and can even sometimes make the ball do crazy things when the pitches throws it.

However many players in baseball know using pine tar on a ball is accepted even though it is technically illegal by the rules. Hitters only get really upset and complain if they can see big globs of pine tar on the ball which may affect hitting.

Pineda denied any wrong doing saying “I don’t use pine tar,” he said. “It’s dirt. I’m sweating on my hand too much in between innings.”

The Red Sox may not of complained because of on their own pitchers might do the same thing. It is mainly used for better grip and control on the baseball, which most players don’t look at as cheating.