The Coke Boys are grinding out here, and Chinx is next up. Formerly known as Chinx Drugz, Chinx spoke with XXL about his new album “Welcome To JFK” and selecting a record label. Read the article after the jump.

“I’m working on a bunch of deal situations,” he said, indicating that he’s not taking advice from anyone when choosing his label. “I control everything as far as where I want to go. Nobody is gonna tell me where they want me to go. It’s a partnership, wherever I decide to sign to.

Many artists are really changing the game on how these record labels are working. Eventhough many big name groups are still parented by a big name label, the fact they have more freedom to support their hustle is showing how it’s changing.

And speaking on his album, and how the name came about he said:

“My album will be titled Welcome To JFK,” he revealed. “Cause my part of Queens is right by the airport so whenever you coming to New York, you gotta come through where I’m from.”

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Stefan B