Kenya and Porsha

So unless you’ve been living under a rock….or didn’t tune in tonight to catch the Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion taping, you may have missed the “knock down, hair pulling, drag out “, that occurred tonight. Boiling points reached a new height after cast mate Porhsa Williams physically attacked Kenya Moore after being antagonized with a scepter and bullhorn on stage. While Kenya has moved forward with pressing criminal charges against Williams, sources say Moore would be willing to drop charges on one condition? Find out inside what it is..

Porsha Williams is currently being charged with misdemeanor battery for the altercation that occurred last month. According to Hollywood Life, Kenya will drop all charges on one very public condition.

“If Porsha publicly came out and apologized to Kenya and really and genuinely said she’s sorry and meant it and said how she was wrong for putting her hands on Kenya, Kenya just might ask the charges be dropped. She wants Porsha to know that what she did was extremely unladylike and foul and pledge she will never do such a thing again,” the source said.”

After the incident popped off, Moore was very adamant that she didn’t condone nor participate in violent outburst on national TV, and promptly asked that Porsha removed from the premises. You would think she wouldn’t be such a sh*t starter then! Supposedly Moore is up in arms due to the fact that the violent outburst reflects negatively upon black women and the RHOA franchise.

What do you think? Should Porsha be dismissed for escalating the incident into getting physical, or does Kenya shoulder all of the blame?

Andrea G