Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith

Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta, This is almost incredible, if it weren’t about a contrived sextape about 2 reality stars. Upon the release of the Sextape Secret in Atlanta Vivid(The distributor) has noted that it’s the most pirated tape of all time, and have already sent out 1200+ Ceased and desist notifications for the Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta.

Tat Wza

Vivid is vowing to go after anyone ‘hosting’ the ‘content’ aka the Mimi And Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta with the full force of DMCA law!!

Now, we wouldn’t be IFWT if we didn’t hunt down some scenes for you from the Sextape Secret In Atlanta, so enjoy while you have time(before they take it down from where we found it, and BEFORE they send us a DMCA!!)

Full Scenes From “Secret In Atlanta”

Shower Scene On WSHH

Remember these are only clips from the Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta, you WILL have to purchase if you want to see the full shower scene, as well as the bedroom bullying! This Sextape “Secret In Atlanta”, actually might have broken the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ system, or series, moving forward, not other scenario in any of the shows are, or have been as exciting. If this was the climax of the show series, what will they do…they will all have to create their own tapes, just like the

Mimi & Nikko Sextape Scandal In Atlanta!!!