Papoose is at it again. This time, VLad TV caught up with the New York rapper and they discussed Drake. It wasn’t because of Drake’s latest episode with his lint roller, court side at the Raptors game, but because of Pap’s tweets about Drake’s album, “Nothing Was The Same,” last year. Papoose explained that he was “the only one who verbalized” his true feelings about the album. Hit the jump to see his thoughts.

Jamaal Fisher

Simply put, Papoose called the album “sweet.” But he later went on to elaborate for Vlad saying,

“It was what it was. It was what it was. Basically it was a Drake truck, Drake’s Cakes. I put it up or whatever and I said his album was sweet. A lot of people felt like that. That was the energy at the time about his album. That was the energy, I just spoke about it. Everybody was saying behind the scenes, ‘Yo, Drake’s album is sweet,’ but they scared to say it publicly. I’m not one of them dudes. Everybody feel like that album was sweet I just was the only one who verbalized it. Not to say he don’t make some good records from time to time, that particular album I feel like it was sweet. No big deal.”