Well this guy definitely snitched on himself. A man in Georgia was pulled over for a getting a cop car and when the officer asked for his driver’s license the man handed him a BEER! I guess he figured that if he give the cop a beer he will let him go LOL. Read more about the story below.


Damon Tobias Exum, 37, was a little confused, and police reported he was “heavily intoxicated” and unaware he had struck a police car early Saturday morning in Dunwoody, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.After Exum struck a police car, he continued down a highway, police said. The officer inside was uninjured and followed him until he finally pulled over, the newspaper reports.
When Officer Alvin Rodriguez asked the motorist for his license he was handed a beer instead, the officer said.
Exum received eight misdemeanor charges and was transported to county jail on $3,270 bail

To make matters worse, this was his third DUI arrest. And they say weed is bad.

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