(Video) Identical Twins Denied Driving Permits After DMV Says They Look “Too Much Alike”

Identical twins in Georgia were denied their learners permits at a Georgia DMV face recognition failure prevented them from even getting past the clerk to take their tests. Learn more after the jump!

(Photos) August Alsina Tears Down The House During Testimony Tour Stop In Atlanta

August Alsina is crooning all of the young ladies around the world during his Testimony tour. This past weekend, the “No Love” artist took his skills to Atlanta, GA for his latest stop. Find out more down bottom.

Drunk Diners At Waffle House Kill Police Officer

Well you don’t hear stories like this everyday. A group on rowdy diners at a Waffle House in Georgia Shot and Killed a off duty police officer after he ask them to leave. The officer was working as security for the diner and after asking the group to leave and escorting to the parking lot, one member of the group pulled out a gun and shot the officer in the back. sMH, read more about this story after the jump.

Drunk Driver Gives Officer A Beer Instead Of License During Traffic Stop

Well this guy definitely snitched on himself. A man in Georgia was pulled over for a getting a cop car and when the officer asked for his driver’s license the man handed him a BEER! I guess he figured that if he give the cop a beer he will let him go LOL. Read more about the story below.

Paula Deen Restaurant Shut Down, But How Did She Inform The Workers?! #Scandalous

My, how the tables have turned – over in this case. The “racism scandal” with Paula Deen seemed to have been dying down, but she’s added fuel to the fire in this case. After the general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House sued the crafter of 14 cookbooks for using the, “N-word” and treating some staff like slaves, it’s clear that Deen couldn’t stand the heat, so she got on out of the kitchen as the restaurant is now closed. …how did the employees find out that they were out of a job?! Find out down below.

So, Gucci Mane Has A South Carolina Prisoner Offering To Be His Lawyer?!

Talk about being a FAN! Jerry Lewis Dedrick, prisoner in Williamsburg, South Carolina has taken it upon himself, to play as Gucci Mane’s lawyer. YES, he’s filed paperwork and the whole nine! Hit the jump for the deets.

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