Wait, what? Yup, it’s true, soon children in Colorado will be able to benefit from medical marijuana too. No, that doesn’t mean that kiddies all over Colorado are not going to be walking around stoned out of their minds.


This type of medical marijuana called Charlotte’s Web, named after the product’s first patient a 7 year old named Charlotte Figi from Black Forest, Colorado, is used to treat epilepsy and has only .03% of THC and is very high in a chemical called cannabidoil AKA CBD. In fact, this strand of marijuana is so low in THC that its creators are now able to classify it as hemp and have expanded their growing operation to a much larger scale than was ever possible in the past.

The Stanley brothers, the creators of Charlotte’s Web, were experimenting with cannabidoil around the same time the Figis were running out of medical options for their little girl Charlotte. Charlotte was nearing death suffering from a severe form of pediatric epilepsy called Davret Syndrome until her father heard about the potential healing qualities of cannabidoil. Mrs. Figi even told ABC News that she began to lose hope entirely for her daughter before this miracle option arrived.

“The quality of life was none. I mean, we were at the point that we were hoping she would die peacefully in her sleep because it was so much suffering. She wasn’t there. Charlotte wasn’t there anymore.”

Now, with just a few drobs of Charlotte’s Web a day Charlotte has went from not being able to eat, walk, or talk and suffering from about 1,200 seizures a month to slowly learning how to communicate and interact with others and only having to endure 4 or less nocturnal seizures a month. Charlotte was the first of many success stories due to this revolutionary form of medical marijuana.

While it hasn’t proven to help all of its patients, the Stanley brothers currently have around 8,000 potential patients on the waitlist for Charlotte’s Web. Last week Colorado legislators passed a bill that will provide $10 million to study the benefits of medical marijuana, creating a bright future for those who could possibly benefit from cannabidoil and Charlotte’s Web.

SOURCE: ABC News Denver