And the worst part about it is they’re calling it another “honor” murder. What the hell is honorable about attempting to callously murder your daughter/sister/niece? Thankfully though, 18 year old Saba Maqsood from Pakistan survived the attack and has lived to tell her nightmare. Find out more about what happened after the jump.


This is just one of many of these so-called “honor” murders that take place all over Pakistan. According to The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan 869 of these merciless killings took place just last year alone. These crimes are rationalized by the killers as “necessary” because the victims have somehow brought dishonor on a family. But, wait, murdering your own blood doesn’t bring dishonor on a family?

Masood “dishonored” her family by marrying her neighbor, which they did not approve of. Apparently that justified her father and brother to shoot her in her cheek and hand, bag her up and throw her semi-conscious body in a canal where it would be later found by workers at a gas station.

“They put me into a sack, tied up the mouth of the sack and threw it into the canal,” Maqsood said. “They thought I was dead, but I was not.”

According to Pakistani police officer, Ali Akbar, the police have register complaints against Maqsood’s brother, father, uncle and aunt, all of whom are currently on the run.