So Sad, 15 Year Old Girl Burned Alive For Helping Neighbors Elope

Today in Pakistan the criminals who murdered 15 year old Ambreen of Pakistan have been brought forward to face justice. These monsters kidnapped the 15 year old girl and sedated her with drugs. Next, They strangled the girl and then tied her to a van. Lastly they set the van on fire; burning the young girl Ambreen alive. The crime of young Ambreen was nothing more than assisting her neighbors in eloping. Her doing this was seen by village elders as shaming her family as well as her neighbors. This caused her to be killed as part of an honor killing. This is when a person is killed for bringing shame to their family in order to restore social respect to the family name. Read more on the barbaric act after the jump.

(Video) 60 Dead After A Bomb Goes Off At A Park In Pakistan

60 dead and 300 injured after a suicide bomber blew up a park in Pakistan. Report say that majority of those killed and injured were woman and children. The bomb went off in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore. This is near a amusement area. Christian families were there celebrating Easter today. The remains of the bomber has been recovered. He is a man between the ages of 25 and 30.

(Photo) Couple In Pakistan Burned Alive!!

Shahzad Masih 26, and wife Shamba Bibi 24 were attacked by co workers who claim they burned verses of the Holy Quran. The two worked in a industrial brick factory where this tragedy took place.

18 Year Old Shot Twice, Bagged Up and Thrown In A Canal By Her Family All For Marrying Her Neighbor?!

And the worst part about it is they’re calling it another “honor” murder. What the hell is honorable about attempting to callously murder your daughter/sister/niece? Thankfully though, 18 year old Saba Maqsood from Pakistan survived the attack and has lived to tell her nightmare. Find out more about what happened after the jump.

(Video) 9 Month Old Accused Of Attempted Murder?!

In absurd news: A 9 month old Pakistani baby was arrested and let out on bail after throwing rocks at officials during a protest, in what they dubbed an attempted murder charge.

9 Month Old Baby Charged With Attempted Murder !

These babies ain’t playing no more, you better give them their bottle when they ask for it! A 9 month old baby along with 30 other people in Pakistan has been charged with attempted murder after a protest. Read more about the bizarre case below.

Mother, Children And More, Found In Lawmaker’s Home Dungeon

Pakistani officials arrested a lawmaker; after a house raid exposed his home dungeon, filled with people. Hit the jump for more.

Obama Meets With Malala, Pakistani Teen Who Was Shot By Taliban!!!

Malala Yousafzai, a young pakistani activist and noble peace prize nominee, who survived a horrific attack on her by Taliban members, met with none other than President Obama himself during her public speaking events in DC, hit the jump to see what the two influential emblems spoke about!

Pakistani Teen Who Survived Taliban Attack Is Being Scrutinized By Hometown???

A year has passed since the tragic attack occurred upon a young pakistani teen activist, who risked her life in order to fight for her beliefs of the importance of women’s right to education, yet the teen seems to be fighting a new battle brought upon her by those living inner own hometown! Hit the jump for more detail!

(Photos) Jesus Take The Wheel! 2nd Earthquake To Rock Pakistan Kills 359 People!!

Days after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, a 6.8 magnitude quake battered the south west region of Pakistan this week! Over 350 people have been killed! Mud and homemade brick houses were leveled, while people were buried in the rubble. The rough terrain and lack of roads, have made it difficult for rescue workers to help victims. Helicopters were being used to pick up the injured and drop off supplies. Also adding to the chaos are militant groups that are trying to overthrow the government in northern Pakistan. SMH. You would think after all the tragedy that Pakistan has experienced this month, from the suicide bombing in a church last week to this natural disaster, that people would come together. To see more pictures, click below.

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