Rev Run and his family are returning to reality TV once again but this time it won’t follow their day to day lives or the renovation of their house but just their Sunday suppers. The Simmons family welcomes you into their home one more time by giving you a chair at their dinner table. Find out when you can catch the show after the jump!


According to Rev, reality TV is his pulpit and he plans on continuing his sermon through an open door way into his everyday life. “It’s the action that ends up being the message, being a man working with my family in positive ways,” said Run.

Plus, now that most of his children are all grown and doing their own thing, with Diggy on tour and Venessa becoming a new mother with her baby’s father Mike Wayans, Rev thought it was time to bring the family back together again. “I wanted to pull everybody together as much as I could … I wanted to pull everyone back to the source…It’s very spiritual and very helpful for everyone to see families sit down together.”

The show is set to premiere Sunday (June 8th) at 10 pm EST on the Cooking Channel. Viewers can expect to see appearances from the whole family, including Angela, Vanessa, Diggy and the rest of the Simmons familia.

Go behind the scenes of the new reality show with NYDaily News and Mr. and Mrs. Simmons in the video below!

You can also check out the intro clip Rev posted to his Instagram here:

SOURCE: NewJersey.com