The Schoolboy is dropping some of his own knowledge on the hip hop world in his most recent interview with Acclaim Mag. Q discusses taking time for an album to marinate before labeling it a classic and even serves some insight on what is wrong with the rap game right now. Read what he had to say after the jump!


Being that we’re in the age of the internet and blogging has taken over the music world, Q shared with Acclaim how, although that can be beneficial, it has affected the game negatively too.

“As much as it helped the game, it fucked the game up too. When it came, people just got carried away. There was something dropping all the time. Every day there’s four rappers releasing shit,” Q said. “I figured if you put all your effort into one project, you’ll end up with the best project possible. I think, sometimes, artists release music too fast…sometimes you might not even like the song after a few listens. A week later or even two days later you might open it and be like ‘what the fuck was I thinking?’.”

This same immediacy that’s been bred in the music blog mentality also has people too quick to call an album a classic. It seems like nowadays every decent album is labeled a classic, but are they really?

“I honestly believe you can’t break down and digest an album in a few days… I feel like you’ve got to give it a year to really absorb it.There were many albums that I hated at first and I love now; there are many albums that I loved at first that I hate now,” said the Oxymoron. “One thing I’m big on is believing in giving an album time. I’ll say you’ll have to give an album three years before you can call it a classic. If you can’t listen to it three years later then it’s not really a classic.”

Q also shared another little key of wisdom, sounding much like the late Bob Marley with this:

“I’m not in it for money, because money doesn’t last… They just want more money; that’s not my passion. If you love your job, then you’re rich.”

Source: Acclaim