A man wielding a machete sliced and diced three young men outside a Brooklyn catering hall early Saturday morning. Find out what caused the man to pull out the weapon after the jump!


According to police, the four men were arguing outside of the Africa House Banquet and Catering Hall in Flatbush at around 2:40 am on Saturday when the verbal disagreement took a turn for the worst.

The unidentified suspect pulled out his machete stabbing the first victim, a 19 year old man, in the neck. The next victim suffered a stab in the chest and the final man was stabbed in the hand. The first victim is currently clinging to his like at Kings County Hospital, along with the second man. The third is in stable condition in the same hospital, authorities said.

The victims are not cooperating with police at this time so further details about what exactly sparked the bloody mess are unavailable. The suspect remains unknown and with the victims giving no clues that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.

Source: Complex