IFWT_Danny Granger Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers picked up Glen Davis and Danny Granger midseason, giving them minimum contracts with a player option for the second year.  Darren Collison was added as well.  Each player added depth to the Clippers and are now expected to opt-out and seek bigger deals.

Shay Marie

via LA Times beat reporter for the Clippers Brad Turner:

Clippers forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis will opt of of his contract that would have paid him $1.4 million next season, said NBA officials.

Clippers forward Danny Granger doesn’t plan on opting in on his 2014-15 contract that would pay him $1.36 million, says NBA officials.

But Granger does have interest in returning to the Clippers next season. He likes direction team is headed.

In addition to Davis and Granger, Collison will opt-out as well.  Collison signed a two-year deal for roughly $2 million with the Clippers to back up Chris Paul.  The second-year was a player option, but he’ll be seeking a bigger contract too.

via ESPN writer Arash Markazi:

Darren Collison is opting out of the 2nd year of his 2-year contract, I’m told. He’ll test free agency but hopes to stay with the Clippers.