A Houston father and his daughter chased down a group of burglars after they caught them in their home only to find themselves in an brutal car chase. The duo dodged the other car as it reversed into them and went head to head with the other vehicle as they recorded it all on their cell phone! Thankfully the doctor and his daughter suffered no injuries. Watch the video after the jump!


The father is a plastic surgeon who after returning home from a business trip found the three burglars leaving his residence. In defense of their neighborhood, which has seen multiple other burglaries in the recent past, instead of calling the police and giving the suspects time to get away, the father and daughter jumped in their vehicle and began hunting the burglars down for themselves.

After a head on collision which caused the doctor and his daughter to go plummeting into a ditch, police were able to apprehend two of the three burglars involved in the chase.

Check out the video of it all below!