This is really cray, as a Dad, I couldn’t even fathom thinking about this, like why?!?!? This past week another child died from being in a locked hot but it’s really starting to look like the ‘father’ did it on purpose, SCUM!!!

Tat Wza

The timeline alone is nuts, the dad strapped the boy in, then went to work a half mile away, and instead of taking his Son to the onsite daycare, he forgot his Son was in the car, like a half mile is anytime to forget your child, then he got something out of the car midway through the day, and still didn’t notice his child was in the car, it wasn’t until the end of the day after driving away from work that he ‘realized’ and called for help, making a movie about it in front of police, screaming ‘What Have I done’.

Now police have confiscated his computer and found search results of how long it takes a dog to die in a hot car, this piece of shit, I hope he gets the death penalty!!!

2 online petitions for the ‘father that were created after he was arrested are starting to fall apart as the sympathy for this f*ck is starting to dry up.

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