These types of stories are always so terrible to hear. The body of a poor little two year old girl was found in a pond at Prospect Park in Brooklyn yesterday (Saturday) evening, around 5 hours after she was reported missing. Find out the whole story after the jump!


Ruhshona Kurbnova reportedly followed her older brother of 4 years of age into the pond near the Boathouse in Prospect Park. Her older brother was pulled out of the water alive at around 6 PM.

When police asked the young boy where his sister was he pointed straight to the pond. Unfortunately by that time the toddler had already sunk into the murky water and drowned.

Ruhshona’s mother is said to have been cooking on the barbecue, checking on the food, when the children went missing at around 1 pm yesterday (Saturday).

The mother was reportedly so traumatized by the loss of her child that she had to be taken away from the scene on a stretcher. This is just truly tragic.