For some reason people are still actually thinking it’s in some way acceptable to lock their pets inside sweltering hot vehicles. Whelp, they’re idiots and this dedicated Veterinarian set out to prove why. Whether you crack the windows or not leaving your animal in a hot car for even so much as 30 minutes can be fatal to your beloved pet. Check out the video after the jump!


Dr. Ernie Ward sat in his car with all 4 windows cracked for a half hour and periodically recorded the increase of temperature as time went on. Just after 15 minutes he was covered in sweat, something your poor dog can’t even do to cool their body’s. By the end of the 30 minutes the car reached up to 115 degrees! Imagine your little puppy surviving in that type of heat! No animal lover would ever put their pet through those types of unbearable conditions. Watch the video below!