Maryland native Logic has taken to his latest interview to discuss his upcoming debut album; and he says that after giving it a spin the piece has been compared to classics like ‘Graduation’.

Adriela Batista

Logic has revealed that while letting friend and musician OB hear his project, OB made the daring comparisons to ‘Graduation’ and Kendrick’s debut project ‘good kidd. M.A.A.d City’. Logic stated;

“We had our homie OB come to listen,” Logic said. “He’s a producer from Maryland as well. And he was like ‘This is like some Graduation meets [good kid], m.A.A.d city.’ And I was like ‘Damn, that’s a pretty big [comparison].’ And what he meant by that was I guess maybe the introspective coming of age story of a m.A.A.d city. Me introducing who I am. Like Kendrick kinda did there. And then also with the sonics of Graduation. Now by no means it’s not a rap, ‘80s power thump like Graduation was. But just the keys and the synthesizers and the live strings…Everything is very organic and raw and natural. And yet flowing together from the pianists that I brought in. It’s a musical album. And it’s also extremely Hip Hop.”

Logic continued to unveil that the project will be a mix of genres and his influences in music. His album will be a reflection of his influences from his love for Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, Drake and Kendrick, across the album.